Memorable Magic


Memorable Magic

When Steven Tam injects his magic in your eyes, no one can take away your memories.

I created memorable magic because I have a strong conviction that Magic is not simply entertaining or performance.
It is about helping people and organizations bring great ideas to life and live their dreams.
I have had every opportunity and blessing in my own life,
and I want the same for all people.


Advertising is un-measurable, and almost never works for reality.  In business, there are a lot of invisible lines that, once you cross them, it's hard to go back. You will always find me by steventam@hiendmagic.com

I don't just tell you but SHOW you.




True passion for inventing magic and helping people

In the old days of magic. Magician perform tricks by their hands. The amazing tricks could amaze you or fool you. Many magicians, when they speak of magic, tend to associate it a certain amazing, certain secret, and certain super power within themselves.


How did this bring any advantages people felt about their life?

Today, Magic should be playing an increasingly important role in meeting the challenges that shaping and contributing to the life that the people truly want.

Only customize, memorable and meaningful magic can make all the people a good memories all the time.

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What StevenTam can do for you


Sharing my knowledge

Sharing my knowledge doesn't mean giving you the secret of magic tricks. The biggest secret of memorable magic is to create unforgettable memories without complicated works or too much skills. By getting the ideas from StevenTam, you will always stay in someone’s mind without getting in their face.

Target audience

  • College: students and teachers

  • Organization: marketing staff and salesmen

  • Business Group

  • Personal


Making Yourself, Your Products, Your Company, Your Service,
Memorable at Events

Magic told me something ; that if I could created memorable magic. I could also create anything else. I could create happiness. I could create connections between people. I could create trust, impression, story, sales... and this is exactly what I will do for you. I believe that magic applies to life, and it also applies to everyone in the world. You can experience memorable magic by sending an email to me.


  • Wedding event

  • Corporate event

  • College lecture

  • Social service




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YOUR TIME is worth more than the price of any magic.
I hope I can make the performance worth your while!

Memorable Magic comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
If for any reason the performance falls short for you, please contact me for a full refund. If you are a return customer, we go back a long way.